Stress in Children ? MARBLEMAR

Stress in Children ?

Stress in Children ?

Stress Symptoms in Children

Stress is a condition that affects not only adults but also children, and when it comes to children, the cause should be investigated first. The child is extremely unlikely to cope with stress or anxiety on his own, and his depression will affect him even more. Emotional situations arise.

What Happens in a Stressed Child?

  • Especially at school, he becomes extremely aggressive, has difficulty concentrating, shows nervousness, fear, and tends to distance himself from everyone.
  • He/she does not want to go to school, even if he does, it creates problems at school.
  • There is a serious increase or decrease in his appetite, abdominal pain complaints begin, he wets his bed, sleep problems begin, he has nightmares.

The source of childhood stress should be researched and found. This source of stress can sometimes be caused by a friend at school, sometimes triggered by failure in the classroom, traumatic situations in his family, jealousy, exposure to violence are the main sources and he starts to be affected by every environmental event.

How to Treat a Stressed Child

  • To help a stressed child, first of all, a calmness should be created around him.
  • A peaceful family atmosphere and quality time will relax him.
  • It is necessary to examine the child from a distance without being noticed so that the subject or person can be found that frightens or stresses him.
  • Directing children to new activities is also a positive step for them.
  • And love must be shown to the child. It is worth listening to and sharing his troubles, if he has to talk to him.


If your child does not respond to these aids, the best thing to do is seek professional help. Because as time passes, the child becomes more withdrawn, more unhappy and has problems in communication.

 To understand the child, it is necessary to hear the child.

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