Success and Dream ? MARBLEMAR

Success and Dream ?

           The explanation of dreaming has been proven many years ago and was announced towards the end of the 1990s as a result of a scientific research. As a result of researches, it has been observed that our brain never takes a break and that some parts of our brain are active even when there is no external factor that will enable us to form our thoughts. It has been suggested that dreams come into play in this part of the brain.


            Dreaming is success; Human beings achieve various successes as a result of their efforts to reach and achieve what they want. Its size and small size are insignificant, and it is the one who takes various actions to activate after first being formed in the mind. We can say that the most important factor that brought human beings to today is their dream.

Dreaming is human nature, it is a force that keeps people alive. We also keep what we need to realize our imagination and adapt it to reality to bring it out. As people realize their dreams, they cling to life and become happy. It should never be forgotten that what we dream of can come true. Behind every success lies a dream, so let's make sure that our successes are products of our past dreams.

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