Are You Ready for a Healthy Sleep ? MARBLEMAR

Are You Ready for a Healthy Sleep ?

Are You Ready for a Healthy Sleep?

What is needed for a healthy sleep; bed linen is room comfort and a tidy atmosphere.
A bedroom decoration with ideas you have designed will increase your desire to go to sleep. Is your room atmosphere suitable for a comfortable sleep?
People who have a good night's sleep make a more energetic start to the day. Although the need for sleep varies from person to person, the importance of sleep quality is the same for everyone. Among the things to be done for this are comforting room fragrances, the right mattress, non-sweating textile products, adequate room temperature and a pillow that is compatible with the body.
Do Changing Life Conditions Affect The Sleep Pattern?
The body that is charged during sleep has the power to change your life from beginning to end with proper and quality sleep. It is the most ideal option to determine the natural light balance of the room and to decide the colors to be used in the room accordingly. Decorating a room with intense sunlight only in white will make your life ordinary after a while.
• A balanced room color also affects sleep patterns.
In addition to the wall colors, it is ideal for the textiles and accessories to exhibit integrity in color harmony. A messy room is the enemy of quality sleep. You can fill all the junk in it using a plinth mattress. Books, watches and lampshades are sufficient for bedside. A pouff to be placed at the foot end ensures that daily clothes and textile products stand in order. The main issue in bedroom decoration is to be able to choose decoration products suitable for the size of the room.
• Physical activities to be done during the day and walking in the open air allow you to get rid of your energy and fall asleep comfortably.
You can also improve your sleep quality by changing bed textiles. You can avoid the pulling process by choosing a larger quilt from the bed. By airing your room for at least 20 minutes every morning, you can remove the moisture and odor that occurs in the bed.
By making certain things routine, you can shorten the time to fall asleep. The bedroom, which will be kept slightly cooler than the living room, provides the ideal atmosphere for a comfortable sleep. Reading a few pages of books before lying down will be good for your soul. Sleep well…

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