Details About The 6 Miracles in Nature ? MARBLEMAR

Details About The 6 Miracles in Nature ?

Details About The 6 Miracles in Nature?


There are many who think avocado seeds don't work. Thanks to the nutritional value of avocado, the oils formed in the kernel are also used as alternative medicine applications in leukemia stem cell treatment. It is known to balance cholesterol.

  • If you take early precautions when used in the treatment of coronary artery, pericardium and high cholesterol, you will eliminate future health problems.
  • Inherited diseases, especially inherited from the family genetically, continue as a generation, if you have such diseases in your family, you can definitely use it by consulting your doctor first.



The biggest effect of lemon is its acidity. What are the uses of this acid therapy?

  • You can use cold press or acne treatments. You can apply this application to the acne area or all parts of your face after waiting for 1 hour by squeezing lemon and its seeds into an ice container in the freezer.
  • You can boil the lemon seeds and drink them with your herbal teas. You can also chew lemon seeds at the end of your tea and get rid of bad breath. 


Let's talk about the olives that are the symbols of peace, the indispensable olives of our breakfast, their oil and all kinds of them in our home.

  • 1-2 olive seeds swallowed during the day strengthen the digestive system by providing the enzyme process that dissolves stomach acid. It facilitates the digestion of many foods.
  • It is good for stomach wounds, hemorrhoids and prostate.
  • The kernel, which is usually swallowed on an empty stomach, shows its effect faster in the morning on an empty stomach.



There are usually three or four types of dates, and the kernel has many benefits for our health. Especially in Ramadan, which we consume frequently, dates are actually the food we need daily.

  • It has been shown to benefit from the prevention of DNA damage to the eradication of most cancers.
  • It is a treatment for diabetic patients who we know as diabetic. It prevents infection risks that we are exposed to from childhood to aging.
  • It renews the damaged areas that damage our lung, liver, kidney, bladder cells.
  • It also causes strengthening in terms of hair, nails and skin.



Even if the raw state of grapes has benefits, it is not possible to know the benefits of the stem. Even if we start by learning that it protects from cancer, this information is sufficient. There are many useful plants in nature today for this disease, which is difficult to treat and still cannot achieve great success because it is expensive.

  • It is known to be good for breast cancer in women.
  • Alzheimer's, known as dementia, is really important for brain health.



melon in Turkey usually grows in the summer and is often consumed in the region. Also, the core inside is thrown out without blinking. Again, one of our mistakes shows up here.

  • It makes our intestines and digestive system work.
  • It is good for mouth sores.
  • It strengthens us in terms of lungs, kidneys, bladder and skin and creates a wall of health.

Let's not forget that we will see the benefits of the appreciation we consume regularly. Something we eat once only makes us happy by sweetening it.

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