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Pay with iyzico

  1. Overview :
  2. This Iyzico payment module is designed to be secure and fast. Iyzico's integration and infrastructure saves you from security concerns.
  3. // insert_chart made for you by this module offers customers a convenient payment method, you can pay in 15 different currencies including Euro, US dollar, British pound and Saudi rial.
  4. Payment methods. You can make your payments with the most preferred secure payment methods.
  5. Safe under your sales. Iyzico ensures the security of your sales with our machine learning fraud detection system.
  6. Data security. Iyzico is accredited with the world's highest data security standard PCI (Payment Card Industry) - DSS (Data Security Standard).
  7. Increased security. Functionality of 3D secure payment and fraud protection.
  8. In accordance with the regulations in force and to ensure the security and confidentiality of this information, does not memorize bank details.
  9. Only our electronic payment partner IYZICO has confidential information (card number, validity date) which is inaccessible by a third party.
  10. Pay with iyzico.
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