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E Commerce ?

E Commerce ?

E-Commerce: With the spread of the internet all over the world in 1995, entrepreneurs emerged who turned this opportunity into making money.

These entrepreneurs started building their own websites and selling their products. If we expand the range, the dropshipping e-commerce model that can be sold without products has started as time goes on. Leading institutions in this field today; Platforms such as Amazon, Aliexpress etc.

You open your own virtual store on these platforms and sell products with or without stock, you get rid of many costs such as store rent, electricity, shop furniture and personnel expenses. Customer attention is also easy and intense, so you can start a business very easily and inexpensively.

Think about it, your customers buy your product on your site today with their computers and even cell phones. And it is easily delivered to the given address without having to be moved. You don't let go of cost and customer convenience worry, you make both sides win.

According to 2019 data, 15% of trade is done by e-commerce method.

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