Quitting Smoking? Getting Rid of Smoking ? MARBLEMAR

Quitting Smoking? Getting Rid of Smoking ?

Quitting Smoking? Getting Rid of Smoking?

I wish this article about quitting smoking, which is the biggest problem of our society today, will be useful to everyone.

First of all, the word quitting should not be used in terms of human psychology as quitting smoking, because the word quitting can only sound like quitting for a while. Cigarettes are called mouth cigarettes when they are first used and they are formed by the mouth without inhaling the cigarette smoke and releasing the smoke. . This is known to cause lip or mouth cancer. Smoking is harmful and does not benefit people for whatever reason or purpose.

Cigarettes then begin by gradually inhaling the smoke and eventually become addicted to smoking from a few puffs a day to several packs a day. Believe me and get rid of smoking as soon as possible.

One of the biggest excuses in a smoker's life is their troubles or affections, problems or other things that upset or stress them. But there is no excuse for self-harm. Smokers see it as a shelter for themselves and cling to it, even though they know that their troubles do not go away when they smoke. Because there isn't even a logical explanation for smoking.

Of course there are people trying to quit smoking. But when they don't smoke, they gain weight and turn into a very angry, aggressive person. To prevent this, you should say no to tobacco and all tobacco products as a single, firm decision. For both your family and yourself, you should get away from smoking as much as possible, and more importantly, you should get rid of smoking so that you can look at your future happily.

You don't have to trust anything in your life. Instead of upsetting your family with your illness or death, get rid of it and upset smoking. To erase smoking from future generations, first start erasing yourself. As you know, the smoking age has dropped to secondary school during these periods. It's up to us to fix this. Let's start by saying no to cigarettes, tobacco and tobacco products. Let's see, all together, NO SMOKING!

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