Technology and Kids ? MARBLEMAR

Technology and Kids ?

Technology and Kids

With the increasing use of technology, children are among the technology users as much as adults. In fact, they use technology devices like phones, tablets, and computers more and better than most adults. Although technology is an indispensable part of our lives, it can lead to bad consequences such as addiction in such cases. It is up to the parents to prevent this.

Of course, while we can easily access information, we cannot keep children away from them in the age of technology. What we have to do is teach them how to use technology in a useful way. In the simplest form, you can start by keeping the televisions on at certain hours, not morning until evening. Thus, children in the family develop their verbal communication skills. And of course children should not be acquainted with technology until the age of 3. For children over the age of 3, the duration of use should be kept short and, if possible, applications that will benefit further development should be shown. When they gain an activity for their spare time, they will automatically stay away from technology. Otherwise, child health will be affected both psychologically and physically.

Just because our kids learn to use phones and tablets on their own doesn't mean they're clever.

Let's not forget that when used correctly, technology is a great blessing for us and our children. And no technological device is more valuable to a child than the time we spend with them.

We wish you a better time with your children ...

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