Money and Purpose ? MARBLEMAR

Money and Purpose ?

Money and Purpose ?

Money, the most valuable and respected tool of today's world, is an often overlooked tool. The Lydian found the money but took over the whole world. The reputation that the money brings has reached incredible proportions, and waste and waste have grown more than ever.

However, the primary purpose of using the money was to find an alternative for barter between people and make things easier. Maybe it was incredibly easy at first, but the enormous amount of money, possessions, and possessions whipped the appetite for a few handfuls. Thus, in addition to its purpose, money replaced animals and land that were once a sign of wealth and became a means of demonstration. The more a person who has money increases his dignity, the lack of money reduces his dignity. No matter how sophisticated, knowledgeable and experienced a person is, the factor that damages a person's reputation and dignity is the lack of money or property. In today's world, where money reigns as the primary power, it is full of stories of many people who lost themselves by making money, then lost the money they earned and what their money brought by spending.


Perhaps the person thinking of using money would conclude that the barter method is a more appropriate tool for human mental health if they knew that things would come to this extent. Because people lose their minds first to make money, then their character after getting the money.

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