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Herbal Soaps With Camomile

Herbal Soaps With Camomile
Camomiles symbolize purity, innocence, elegancy and delicacy. Rumour has it
that this nice flower was created by sky goddess, Asterea. When Asterea
looked at the sky from Gods land, she saw there was no star and began to cry.
They say that these elegance flowers revealed from the place where Goddess'
tears dropped.
The Ancient Egyptians have used camomile in the consecration ceremony to
Gods. In the middle of Europe, it has been believed that camomile gave the
nearest herbs spirit as well. So, farmers have absolutely sown ‘May camomile’
among the herbs they grew. The crown made of camomile are famous at the
celebrations in summer festivals. It has been believed that first camomile of
year brought luck. In the middle age, Young boys have believed that they grew
up quickly by holding the bouquets of camomile in their hands. Young girls
have counted by plucking the leaves of camomile, so they've learned if they're
loved. The girls, in the marriageable age, put the bouquet of camomile over
their eyes, and counted how many camomiles covered their eyes, they've
believed that the number of camomile has specified how many years later they
would have married.
Cleopatra, who found out the natural scent and many useful properties within
the camomile, had assigned to several scholars and private beauty specialists
for using it in order to picking camomile and to create a beauty elixir. When
they discovered the soap Cleopatra was pleased so much and she has used
this soap which gilded the lily every day.
History herbal soap with camomile;
* It was prepared by combining dried camomile with olive oil and cotton oil.


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