🔴Occupational Health - Safety Policy

MARBLEMAR.STORE's Occupational Health and Safety Policy consists of following measures:

* We strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment especially for our employees, and for all our stakeholders that may be affected by our activities;

* We evaluate all risks that may arise from the working environment and take the necessary steps for prevention of any harm,

* We prioritize health and safety; and, reduce all the risks to an acceptable level,

* We ensure the prevention of injuries and health problems,

* We comply with the legislation and official standards in our Occupational Health and Safety Risk management,

* We strive to do better than the legislative requirements,

* We improve our Occupational Health and Safety performance by ensuring the participation of all levels of the organization and our stakeholders,

* We adopt the principle that suggests all employees have common responsibility regarding the improvement of activities related to Occupational Health and Safety,

* We make Occupational Health and Safety applications a cultural lifestyle in the work setting,

* We work for continuous improvement of the work environment.