Improving Your Mood By Home Decoration ? MARBLEMAR

Improving Your Mood By Home Decoration ?

5 Ways to Improve Our Mood Using House Decoration  Techniques 

Let it be a children’s room full of teddy bears, or a kitchen with a wall decorated by a huge mirror-clock; interiors have an interesting way of making us feel something.  An interior design is capable of both improving our mood or taking away our joy.

 “How is that even possible?”  I can hear you asking… So let’s go back to a time where you immediately felt a strong emotion when you first entered a room.  What was affecting your mood there?  The textures and colors that energize you?  The empty spaces that make you feel cold?  The mirrors that show your reflection?  The ornaments that bring you cheer?  Or your previous memories of a similar place?

 1) Feeling that You Belong

Rooms that create a sense of belonging makes us feel “home” and “welcomed.”  This is why while decorating your house, you should pay attention to use of customized designs, especially with your or your family’s name on them.  This will give you an immediate sense of “I belong here.” and “I like being here.”

 2) Happy Memories

Another point to consider while decorating your house is, to create space for your happy memories.  This could be a baby-shower event, or a decorated image from your wedding day.  But you should keep memoirs and make them visible in the rooms that you use the most.  This will be a mood booster for you!

 3) Texture Choice

Textures used in decoration also are very useful to create a sincere and good first impression of a room.  You can use silk, velvet, or cotton plush to give your touch-sense a nice feeling.  Because, we understand and evaluate our environment through our five senses, not only sight being the only one of them.

 4) Colors 

Color choice is also very important for creating the mood of a room.  If you go for vibrant sunny colors such as red or yellow, it will give you immediate energy. However, if you stay in such a room for so long, you may start feeling agitated and that you need to start moving.  If you use colors such as pastel blues and whites, it will make you feel peaceful.  And if you want to feel cold and classy, way to go for black.  It depends on your personality, too.

5) Meditation Experiences

If you want to have a religious corner in your home and if you have made your planning, whenever you see that corner, it will immediately affect your feelings in a positive way. You will feel that mystical connection with the Creator or because of this effect.


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